ConsciousRT 12 Month Developers Course

 Invest in Real Estate Development Projects in Baltimore City for 20% Return in 2-Years

Your Course includes a Conscious Round Table Membership.

Plan and Coaching to turn $50K into $500,000 in 6 months. Only 10 Conscious Developers who are interested in purchasing a block of property will be selected..

You will also receive a 3 Day Wealth and Wellness Retreat package with Dr. Roni Deluz on the Island of Martha's Vineyard and a personal interview with Millionaire Businessman, and Pro Football Hall of Fame, Marshall Faulk.


Conscious RT – The 7 Keys to Successful Development Course for Conscious Developers

The Conscious Real Estate Developers and Investors Roundtable (Conscious RT) is Benefit Corporation registered in the state of Maryland. We are real estate investors and developers who believe in investing with a higher purpose.

Our Committment

We are committed to transforming Baltimore City through real estate and business development, that rescues buried real estate and community value, stimulates local entrepreneurship and productivity, develops energy efficient homes and businesses, green space, cultural entities, and sustainable homeownership.

The Conscious Community Network

Payment Options:


Option 1- Full payment of $15,479

Option 2- 4 payments of 4, 997

Option 3 -$4,997 down and 12 payments of $1,197 per month 


We accomplish this through collaboration of best practices and the application of the four principles of Conscious Capitalism.

1. Investing with a Higher Purpose - To bring economic revitalization to Baltimore City through real estate and business development one block at a time without displacement. 2. Stakeholder Management - All key stakeholders are involved in the building and designing of the community. 3. Conscious Leadership - Conscious Leaders focus on the benefit of the community over profit and seek to develop systems, strategies, and solutions that generate social and financial wealth for all stakeholders. 4. Conscious Culture - The culture of our community is transforming blight into beauty by celebrating diversity, honoring history, and strengthening the environment.


For information and to attend the course, please contact CONSCIOUS ROUND TABLE at :

[email protected] or call
(410) 921-1555


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