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Seeing the world as a human being allows you to see that the global interconnectedness is a vast network that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as an inescapable mutuality of existence.

To pursue true Freedom is to discover and live your purpose in life with faith and principles.

The late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. I have a plan. I like to say that from one King's dream comes another King's plan.

And my plan is to create a Conscious Fund to raise $100 Million in the next 30-months using the power of social capital, connectional intelligence, and building a million-dollar network.

As a conscious entrepreneur I know first hand the challenges with raising capital despite having a great higher purpose or plan where thousands will be quantifiably impacted.

As your strategic thinking partner my role is help you make the best connections you need to implement your conscious business model. We help you to define the strategy by creating a system that guides you through how to navigate and execute the Connecting with Intent formula. Our strategy is to build you a connectionally intelligent million-dollar tribe in 12-months.

We use our assessments and data-gathering to build you a Conscious Platform and Sales Funnel that will help to grow your tribe, connect with social impact investors, create customize Conscious Business Systems that help you to communicate clearly and effectively convey your value generating a 10X return on your investment.

My Story

I am the passionate Founder and Chief Value Creator of King Connections and CBNexus, driven by the philosophy of spiritual capitalism. A visionary leader with a unique approach that melds the power of love with capitalism, quantum performance, and astute financial management.

I advocate for fully human connections and the transformative potential of Spiritual Capitalism to counteract today's divisiveness and hate.

A principle-centered conscious leader who can inspire and unify like-purpose leaders while driving value-driven, action-oriented, and results-focused approaches.


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To bring change in your life you first change your life. Why changing eating is the first step.

I believe that the key to bringing change in your life is to first change your life. I have learned that the best way to make a change in your life is to start with eating. Changing the five areas of eating will have a significant positive impact on your life. The five areas are:

A peek inside my new training program

My brand new training program has just launched, and it has something for everyone! However, it will only resonate with those on the path of seeking freedom and living with intent.

Conscious Connections are action-oriented relationships that are formed for a higher purpose and built on core principles. 

I'm sure that you have heard that old axiom that your network is your net worth. However, I say your network is far more than that.  It is your primary source of raising capital for your business and achieving great success in your life

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